Former Roommates Jamie Dornan And Andrew Garfield Were All Hugs And Kisses Reuniting At The Oscars, And The Photos Are A+


The Oscars is not only a great time for movie fans to be reacquainted with their favorite actors and filmmakers, but for Hollywood to have its own mix of reunions as well. During the telecast, we saw the show bring together a number of casts back together on stage, including Pulp Fiction, The Godfather and Juno. And over on the red carpet, former roommates Jamie Dornan and Andrew Garfield shared a sweet moment back together. 

Garfield was up for a Best Actor Oscar for portraying Jonathan Larson in Tick, Tick… Boom, which ultimately went to Will Smith after a viral scuffle with Chris Rock. Meanwhile, Jamie Dornan was supporting 2022 Best Picture nominee Belfast. The actors found each other on the red carpet ahead of the Academy Awards and posed for this cute photo: 

Jamie Dornan kissing Andrew Garfield at the Oscars red carpet 2022

(Image credit: Kevin Mazur / Contributor)

Jamie Dornan previously revealed that Andrew Garfield, along with Fantastic Beasts’ Eddie Redmayne and Daredevil’s Charlie Cox were all roommates before they became such prominent actors. They all shared a house together circa 2008 and went out for a lot of auditions together. It’s great to see the pair still close and both doing so well for themselves individually. 

Jamie Dornan and Andrew Garfield hugging at the Oscars 2022 red carpet

(Image credit: Momodu Mansaray / Staff)

In addition to the four Brits living with one another, they also often hung out with The Batman actor Robert Pattinson. However, as Pattinson recently quipped, he was more of the fifth wheel, as he found Twilight success early while the others were still trying to break out in the business. Andrew Garfield recently reunited with Pattinson at a fancy Hollywood dinner party. Here’s one more. 

Jamie Dornan and Andrew Garfield posing on Oscars 2022 red carpet together

(Image credit: David Livingston / Stringer)

Just following the reunion between Jamie Dornan and Andrew Garfield, Dornan spoke to E! News about the moment caught on the red carpet. In his words:  

We just had this beautiful moment there on the carpet, like, ‘Check us out, ’cause this is a cool thing. We’ve known each other for 17 years, you know, and there’s times where we weren’t working that much and it wasn’t happening for us, so to be able to share the whole last few months with him has been a beautiful thing.

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