Fast X’s Charlize Theron Is Paired With Jason Momoa In New Fast & Furious Image, And She’s Rocking A New Hairstyle


If the Fast & Furious franchise has anything close to a main antagonist, it’s Charlize Theron’s Cipher. Having debuted in The Fate of the Furious and returned to cause trouble in F9, we also know she was pulling the strings behind what went down in Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7, so her influence has been felt in this popular franchise for almost a decade. Theron is back for the now-officially-titled Fast X, and an image of her alongside costar Jason Momoa has dropped online that also shows off her new hairstyle for the upcoming movie.

Charlize Theron sported dreads for The Fate of the Furious and switched to a bowl cut for F9. Fast X (which began filming on last week) sees the actress rocking another short hairstyle, but this time it’s a wavy, chin-length deal, as you’ll see in the below Instagram picture of her with Jason Momoa:

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