Fantastic Beasts 4: After The Secrets Of Dumbledore Underperforms, When Will Warner Bros. Decide The Franchise’s Future?


The Harry Potter franchise has been entertaining audiences for decades, including books, movies, theme park attractions, and even a Broadway play. The story expanded on the big screen thanks to the Fantastic Beasts movies, but the final two installments in the franchise are far from guaranteed. And with Fantastic Beasts 3 underperforming at the box office, when will Warner Bros. decide on the property’s future?

While the Fantastic Beasts franchise started off strong with the original 2016 original movie, the sequels have failed to meet those expectations– both critically and financially. The latest installment is The Secrets of Dumbledore, which has the least profitable opening weekend yet. But according to a report by The Wrap, it’ll be weeks or even months before Warner Bros. decides whether to continue the story in the Wizarding World.

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