Everything Everywhere All At Once Just Hit An A24 Milestone


It’s been a struggle to get moviegoers back to the theaters ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Unless a studio has a superhero film the box office like the box office-dominant Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s hard to say what might entice audiences to partake in the theater experience. However, it would seem that audiences are now gravitating towards a certain arthouse film, A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once. And the flick now represents a major milestone for the independent film company.

Ever since the pandemic, many indie distributors have opted not to give their productions the straightforward theatrical release treatment, preferring to generate business through home streaming services. Everything Everywhere All At Once has been an entirely different story, however. According to Deadline, the movie, whicch debuted on March 25 in ten theaters earning $501K for a $50K per-theater average, has now earned an impressive $20.5 million haul, beating out the totals of fellow indie flicks Licorice Pizza and The French Dispatch.

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