Enjoy Watching The Awards Contenders At Your Own Cinema


After months of lead-up and precursor awards, the big movie awards finally came and went. There were shocks. There were beautiful moments, and for many of us, there was a reminder that we have some great movies to watch! So, there is no better time to create the movie theater environment right in your own home. And why shouldn’t you? There’s nothing like being completely absorbed in a great movie, and the best way to get that immersion is by watching it on a really large screen. Home theater technology is improving, and the newest innovations are taking home entertainment to new, more stunning heights. LG CineBeam is the most exciting of those new innovations. With a clear and crisp LG CineBeam 4K picture, the ability to hook into streaming services via webOS wireless connection and high resolution picture, it’s the latest elevation in entertainment technology.

Close-Up of the LG CineBeam

(Image credit: LG)

The LG CineBeam HU715QW is an ultra short throw projector that transmits a vivid picture onto the wall, regardless of its size. The projector itself sits just a few inches from the wall and produces a clear projection that expands up to 120 inches. That means regardless of what your space might look like or what size it is, the CineBeam is the perfect fit for your room. 

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