End Your Weekend Right With An A+ Look At Arnold Schwarzenegger Riding Around In A Tank


I think it’s safe to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger has proven to be a relatively cool and eccentric guy. The Terminator icon gets it done as an action hero on the big screen but, in his spare time, he enjoys chilling with his fuzzy livestock and smoking a good cigar. Sometimes his activities can be a bit more “interesting,” though. (I know, how do you top a pony or a donkey in your house?) Well, Schwarzenegger seems to have another hobby: riding in tanks, so why not finish out your weekend the right way by taking a look at the A+ shot.

You heard that right by the way. Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Instagram to show off both a photo and video of himself in a large tank. It seems the star really enjoyed himself, based on the look on his face and his simple caption, “Having a good time today.” It may not be hard to believe that Schwarzenegger would be one to seek out such an activity but, if you do find it tough for some reason, you can check out the post for yourself down below:

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