Dwayne Johnson Won’t Share His Full Workouts, But His Leg Day Results Are Intense


Everyone knows Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a beast when it comes to hitting the gym. But he doesn’t share his workout sessions outside of a few snaps from “in the arena” occasionally. Johnson has been incredibly open about why he doesn’t post full workouts. So peeks into his fitness routine are rare. The Jungle Cruise actor got finished with a workout and decided to give followers a rare look into his routine. He posted his leg day results, and they are intense, to say the least.

Workout regimens are part of the course for the Free Guy actor’s movie career. But looking at his gym sessions is a rarity, so this latest photo was a surprise to his many followers. Johnson hopped on Instagram to show off what leg day looks like for him. From his new gym pic, it’s an understatement to say his leg exercises were intense.

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