Dune’s Josh Brolin Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Complaining About Denis Villeneuve’s Oscars Snub


Awards Season recently came to a close with the annual Academy Awards. And while all anyone could talk about was the infamous Slap incident, there were also some notable wins, losses, and (of course) snubs. And Dune actor Josh Brolin can’t stop, won’t stop complaining about Denis Villeneveue’s not being nominated for Best Director at the Oscars.

Dune was a major hit at the Academy Awards, with the sci-fi epic being nominated for 10 Oscars, winning six. But moviegoers were shocked on nomination day when director Denis Villeneuve was left out of the Best Director category. Josh Brolin has voiced his support of the movie’s visionary filmmaker, recently speaking with Collider about that snub. As he shared:

It’s the most asinine, bizarre … I mean, that’s why snubs are such a thing and that’s why we all talk about them, but that’s a snub, of a snub, of a snub that I just thought was an impossibility. But given everything about the Academy Awards, there are many impossibilities that actually materialized. So it’s all part of the game right now. I don’t know.

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