Downton Abbey: A New Era Star Talks Moments That Made Her Cry, And Teases Surprise Romances In Sequel


As the world gets closer to the release of Downton Abbey: A New Era, it’s going to become increasingly harder to contain the excitement. For everything we do know about this big sequel, there’s at least one or two more questions that seem to be unanswered. The latest from series actor Lesley Nicol might not spill any family secrets from creator Julian Fellowes’ huge follow up, she’s definitely teasing some surprise romances and weepy moments when dealing with this cinematic sequel.

From the sound of Nicol’s remarks, which came from an interview with ET, tissues will definitely be required for the next Downton adventure. As she was promoting How the Hell Did I Get Here?, a new musical autobiography that’s just begun its North American tour, Lesley Nicol looked back on her time as Mrs. Patmore on the ITV hit drama. There was plenty of room for talk of the future too, as Lesley described how she sees the Downton Abbey: A New Era experience thusly: 

It’s absolutely jam-packed full of stuff. There’s so much going on. I mean, it’s funny. I laughed out loud a lot. There’s stuff that made me cry because there’s some romance and stuff you don’t expect. I suppose that’s what I also love about it. I mean, I know what happens, but there’ll be stuff that the audience couldn’t possibly foresee.

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