DJ Jazzy Jeff Was Asked About The Will Smith Oscars Slap And Shared His Personal Thoughts


If there’s one ride-or-die person Will Smith has had by his side since the beginning of his career in hip-hop, it’s Jeffrey “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townes. Following Smith slapping Chris Rock on the Oscars stage, leading to the actor to resign from the Academy and be banned from attending Oscars ceremonies for the next decade, what does his OG partner think of the whole thing? 

The duo broke out into the music industry together as DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince after previously being childhood friends in West Philadelphia. They have remained friends ever since, and per DJ Jazzy Jeff’s recent words, he still has Smith’s back through thick and thin: 

Don’t get it twisted that this would be something that he’s proud of. It was a lapse in judgement, you know? And I think the thing that I’ve realized is I don’t know too many people that have had the least amount of lapse of judgment than him. I can name 50 times that he should’ve smacked the shit out of somebody and he didn’t. So for him to have a lapse in judgment, he’s human. And I think a lot of the criticism comes from the people who don’t think people like that are human.

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