Did Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Get Engaged Sooner Than We Thought?


For nearly a year now, many have relished the fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back in a romantic relationship. So Bennifer stans were likely excited this past week when it was reported that the two are once again engaged. Lopez confirmed it when she took to her website to debut a video that showed off the green ring Affleck gifted her. Though the news arrived last Friday, a new report alleges that the two stars have actually been keeping the engagement under wraps for a little while. 

Though the news of the engagement broke at the tail end of last week, a source told People that the couple chose to conceal it “for a few days.” This report should be treated as a rumor at this point but, admittedly, such a decision does sound plausible. As one of the most publicized couples in the world, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been very conscious of what they share about their renewed romance – and when they share it. 

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