Despite Being In The Oscars’ James Bond Tribute, A Very Important Actor Was Left Out Of The Presentation’s Speech


Everyone has something to talk about from last night’s Oscars. There was certainly a decent amount of joyous news, like the surprise of CODA being named this year’s Best Picture. Then there’s also serious matters, such as Chris Rock and Will Smith’s altercation, which is still being discussed and investigated by The Academy itself. In-between the highs and the lows of the 93rd Academy Awards are moments that landed ok, but still needed some work. Yet even when I had identified the ways that last night’s tribute to the James Bond movies could have been improved, one factor needed to be discussed on its own: the speech introducing the clip reel itself left out a very important actor. 

In case you missed the show, or even just the 60th anniversary celebration of 007 that The Oscars ran, I’m going to let you watch the video below. While watching presenters Tony Hawk, Kelly Slater and Shaun White discuss their take on the James Bond franchise. See if you can notice who’s missing from the lineup of actors who have played the role: 

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