Daniel Radcliffe Opens Up About His First Harry Potter Red Carpet (And Sandra Bullock Can Confirm They’re The Worst)


Being a movie star might be a dream for countless people out there, but it’s a job that comes with some downsides. For some actors that includes the red carpet, which is a frenzy of interviews, photographs, and pre-show anxiety. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently opened up about his first red carpet, and his co-star Sandra Bullock confirmed they’re the worst.

The starring cast of the Harry Potter movies grew up in front of our eyes, starting out as child actors in The Sorcerer’s Stone. This helped make Daniel Radcliffe a household name, but it turns out that the first movie’s red carpet was less than enjoyable for him at the time. As he recently shared in a conversation with PopSugar about his career:

I remember really not being happy. The first premiere I went to was really terrifying.

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