Chris Rock’s Mom Speaks Out On Will Smith’s Oscars Slap


It’s been nearly a month since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars, and the fallout from the situation continues. Many notable names in Hollywood have weighed in at this point, including a handful of members from both the Smith and Rock families. Now, the latest relative to chime in is Rock’s mother, who did not hold back when discussing the polarizing situation. 

Chris Rock’s mom, Rosalie “Rose” Rock, revealed that she was one of the many watching the 94th Academy Awards that night. During her interview with South Carolina’s WIS-TV, the author and motivational speaker explained that she initially believed that Will Smith’s slap was staged until “[WIll] started using obscenities” after returning to his seat. Rock, who’s been to the Oscars with her son numerous times over the years, asserted that “when he slapped Chris, he slapped all of us,” likely referring to the Rock family. She then went on to say, “he really slapped me.” When sharing thoughts on Will Smith’s mindset in the heat of the moment, she said:

You reacted to your wife giving you the side-eye and you went and made her day because she was mulled over laughing when it happened.

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