Chris Pine Admits He Only Recently Got A Smartphone, Opens Up About His New ‘Crack Machine’


Living in the age of the internet, smartphones and social media is a fact of life many of us simply accept and prescribe to, but believe it or not, there’s a number of people who are not spending hours glued to screens. One of those people seems to be Star Trek actor Chris Pine, who previously shared that he carries around a flip phone rather than upgrading to the latest technology. As it turns out, the actor has since caught up to technology with the rest of us. 

Chris Pine strikes me as an old soul. Someone who doesn’t necessarily want to live in the age of TikTok but here he is. The 41-year-old actor, who recently went viral online for his new beard, shared his experience upgrading his in-pocket tech with these words: 

I had a flip phone for four years, or three years, and I just got an iPhone because I felt pummeled by how difficult being analog… It was very difficult. But, having just gotten this crack machine, it’s really bad. These machines are really, really, really bad. I may immediately go back to a flip phone. I don’t know if my soul can handle it.

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