Channing Tatum Humorously Apologizes To Dax Shepard After Kristen Bell’s Experience At Magic Mike Strip Show


Channing Tatum is in the business of driving women wild — not just with his own disarmingly good looks and amazing dance moves, which are on full display in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL, but also through the shows he’s not a part of, including Magic Mike Live and HBO Max’s reality series Finding Magic Mike. But that might lead to some awkward moments when the women going crazy for that lovely stripper action are the wives of your friends. That’s the situation Tatum found himself in recently, when he apologized to Dax Shepard after Kristen Bell had quite the experience at a show in London.

Kristen Bell has been married to actor Dax Shepard since 2013, and it’s a good thing this adorable couple is so secure with each other, because the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star gave rave reviews to the Magic Mike franchise after catching one of the live shows. In talking on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Bell even said the experience was on par with a couple of other big milestone moments:

It was one of the best nights of my life, I mean, up there with having my children and getting married. I felt electric. … This show is so not what you think it is, if you ever have had a thought about what you thought the Magic Mike Show was, it is like so body positive, like so female positive, so male positive, so every positive. It felt so good and the dancing was so beautiful, and I just felt like I was on fire for it!

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