Billie Eilish Had An Over-The-Top Response After TikTok User Called The Bond Singer Out For Bad Oscars Fashion


Yes, the Academy Awards are technically about the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry getting their flowers – or, sometimes, their snubs. But it can be about other things, too, such as side-stage drama with high-profile actors. For me, though, it’s about the fashion more often than not. Lupita Nyong’o, Prada, 2014! Saoirse Ronan, Calvin Klein, 2018! And much like films themselves, true style is in the eye of the beholder. One sadly mistaken TikTok user in fact called out Billie Eilish for “bad” Oscars fashion, following last week’s ceremony, and the Bond singer had a magnificent, over-the-top response to the criticism.

Officially, the 20-year-old accepted her co-win for Best Original Song in No Time To Die at the 94th annual Oscars in a loose-fitting top and slacks. But it was her all-black, all-ruffle Gucci gown just for the red carpet that is being called into question. The commentator called Billie Eilish the “worst dressed” in attendance because of it and that he “had enough of her shit.” Hilariously, the Grammy, Golden Globe, and now-Academy Award winner reacted in a duet, whilst flipping the bird and taking what looks like a number two on her toilet. See the TikTok video here:

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