Ben Affleck’s Dad Shares Honest Thoughts On His Engagement To Jennifer Lopez After Not Even Knowing He Had Proposed


A little over a week ago, it was announced that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are officially engaged (again), after prior rumors, and we’re so happy for them. The actors reignited their relationship in early 2021 after previously having a high-profile romance in the early ‘00s, during which they co-starred in Gigli and Jersey Girl. While the whole world seemingly knows about Bennifer taking the next step, it was big news to Affleck’s father, too, when it was made public by JLo.  And he’s now sharing honest thoughts on the development

Timothy Affleck, who is 78 years old, and apparently not all that close to his famous son, recently shared that he wasn’t in the loop about the recent engagement. In his words:  

I haven’t talked to them in ages, but if everything one reads on the internet is true, they’re having a good time together. He’s quite busy with all of his newfound activities. He’s been working a lot, which no one seems to care about. They care about romance.

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