As Celebrities Like Chris Hemsworth Have Moved To Byron Bay, Locals Speak Out About Being Priced Out


It’s been over a year since some Australian locals spoke out about celebrities moving en masse to their hometown of Byron Bay. Initially, some locals shared their feelings about celebrities like Chris Hemsworth coming in to live and play, noting that locals were “off ‘em.’ (Taika Waititi had a similar sentiment.) Now, a little over one year later, things in Byron Bay, Australia seem to be a little more dire, as some locals are now saying they’ve been priced out of areas and homes and have nowhere to go… at least nowhere that isn’t prone to flooding and vulnerable to fires.  

In a new report over at Vice, the seaside town sporting homes for Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky, among other major names, may seem charming at the outset. However, over the past several years, many locals in the area have been driven out of Byron Bay and into the surrounding areas given rapidly-changing real estate prices in the area.

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