Amber Heard, Other Women, Open Up About Abusive, Sexually Explicit Messages Sent To Their DMs All The Time


Being a celebrity is a tricky thing. While many grow up dreaming of being a famous actor, having that type of notoriety definitely has its downsides. Amber Heard knows this all too well, as she and ex-husband Johnny Depp continue to make headlines over their divorce and legal battle. Now Heard, and other women, have opened up about abusive, sexually explicit mesages sent to their DMs all the time.

Social media can be an ugly place, especially when it comes to unwanted messages. A group of women in the U.K. including Amber Heard recently contributed to a new study about how Instagram handles abusive direct messages, specifically unsolicited nudes and pornography. The group submitted thousands of DMs, which are likely only a drop in the bucket for public figures like Heard. The Aquaman star also provided a comment on the matter via Input Magazine, which reads:

If I can’t utilize this tool, if I can’t open Instagram, if I can’t engage at all, then what does it say about a person who doesn’t have the emotional resources that I have, that come with age and experience?

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