Alexander Skarsgård’s The Northman Co-Star Talks Actor Surviving Getting ‘Naked On The Base Of A Volcano’ And Other Wild Scenes


If there is a single word that can be used to describe the new Robert Eggers film The Northman, “intense” might be a good try. The new film starring Alexander Skarsgård and Anya Taylor-Joy is a Viking tale of revenge. But if there’s a third co-star in the film its the environments these characters find themselves in, and Taylor-Joy has talked about some of the wild (naked) experiences they went through to get shots for the movie.

Alexander Skarsgård and Anya Taylor-Joy sat down with with Total Film (via GamesRadar) to discuss The Northman and they both admit that simply making this movie was not a simple task. While so often the magic of movie making is about making things look different than they are, if something in The Northman looks brutal, that’s probably because it is. Director Robert Eggers says Alexander Skarsgård transformed himself for the film. Taylor-Joy specifically mentioned a scene that put her co-star in the freezing cold, and naked, for several days in a row. As the actress explains…

My apartment was just floor-to-ceiling windows. It was like a bird box. And I remember going outside and it was just hailing. It was around midnight. I had just sent Alex a text and I was like, ‘He’s naked on the base of a volcano right now for the fourth day in a row, swinging the sword like it’s not.’ It’s not easy. It’s a miracle that anyone survived this. And you nailed it. You did such a good job.

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