Alexander Skarsgård On How The Northman Compares To Other Viking-Inspired Films He’s Seen, Including Thor: Ragnarok


We wouldn’t have guessed it years ago, but as of late a vikings genre has seen an uprising. Between the wildly popular Vikings series from the History Channel, to its Netflix spinoff, along with How To Train Your Dragon, The Last Kingdom and the Thor movies, there’s been plenty of successful properties inspired by the Scandinavian seafaring people. And this weekend, Alexander Skarsgård stars as a viking warrior prince in The Northman

The Northman is an A24 film from writer/director Robert Eggers, who previously made critically acclaimed favorites The Witch and The Lighthouse. While Skarsgård spoke about his latest flick, he shared the story behind the film with these words: 

How this idea was born was basically about 10 years ago I started thinking about how I’ve never seen a historically accurate depiction of the Viking age. I’ve never seen a big, epic Viking adventure film based on the old Icelandic sagas that captures the laconic tone that’s really harsh, just like the landscape. It started to percolate in my head about why I’ve never really seen that.

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