Alex Wolff Talks Committing To Hereditary Scene, But Sounds Like The Process Of Filming It Was Brutal


If you’re a horror fan, you’ve probably got your own list of favorites and most terrifying films. For me, Hereditary is near the top. Honestly, it’s probably up there pretty high, or at least present, for you as well (despite it’s low CinemaScore). Ari Aster’s emotional horror flick does a lot of things right, as do the stars. Star Alex Wolff has opened up about committing to that wild desk scene, and it sounds like the process of filming was almost as hardcore and brutal as it looks on screen.

Alex Wolff was just around 19-years-old when Hereditary came out, and that makes his performance in Hereditary even more impressive. What’s even more, though, is that the young star had some serious commitment to a pretty scary, potentially harmful scene in the film. 

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