Alec Baldwin’s Rust Footage Makes Its Way Online As Investigation Releases Evidence To The Public


Over the past few years, there’s been a ton of conversation about safety of film sets, especially following some tragic accidents. Nowhere is that more obvious than with the movie Rust, where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed when a prop gun was discharged with a live round. Now some footage from Alec Baldwin in Rust has made its way online as the investigation releases evidence to the public.

Since Halyna Hutchins passed away back in October of 2021, the public has been eagerly following the investigation into her death from the set of Rust. Alec Baldwin has broken his silence about the accident, and now the public will be able to see what it was like at the movie’s set before and after the incident. Because as People has reported, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has released photos, body cam video, and even footage from the infamous movie. This includes a clip of Baldwin pointing a gun at the camera, which you can see below. It’s important to note that this is from before the accident and doesn’t feature any upsetting imagery. Check it out below, via the Twitter of CBS Reporter J.D. Miles. 

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