After Will Smith Slap Incident, TikTok Of Jada Pinkett Smith Talking About Her Hair And Not ‘Giving Two Craps’ About What People Say Goes Viral


The annual Academy Awards were last weekend, and the conversation surrounding that event has been dizzying in the last few days. This is largely due to the most infamous moment of the night, where Will Smith stepped on stage and slapped presenter Chris Rock across the face on live television. The scuffle came as Smith was defending his wife, and Rock declined to press charges. And after that slap incident, a clip of Jada Pinkett Smith talking about her hair and “not giving two craps” about what people say has gone viral.

Fairly late into the Oscars telecast, Chris Rock stepped on stage to present the award for Best Documentary Feature. But first he made a few jabs at the celebrities in the audience, including referring to Jada Pinkett Smith as G.I. Jane. That’s what prompted Will Smith to confront Rock, defending his wife and particularly her struggles with alopecia and hair loss. As the discourse around the controversy continues, a TikTok of Jada Pinkett Smith talking about her experience with hair as a Black actress has made the rounds online. Check it out below,

♬ I Am Not My Hair – India.Arie
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