After Wil Wheaton Opens Up About Trauma He Went Through Filming Stand By Me, His Former Co-Star Jerry O’Connell Reaches Out


Despite being in popular shows and movies like The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Toy Soldiers, actor Wil Wheaton opened up in recent years about the traumatic experiences he had off and on set in Hollywood. But his issues were below the surface as none of his co-stars knew about his pain. The actor kept his problems so secret that his Stand By Me co-stars had no inkling of any trouble. After hearing about Wheaton’s traumatic childhood, Stand By Me’s Jerry O’Connell felt the need to reach out.

The Star Trek: TNG alum has been open in recent years about the alleged emotional abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents. He claimed his actress mother manipulated him into becoming an actor. But it was reportedly the emotional trauma inflicted by his father that informed his performance in the classic coming-of-age drama. He felt a connection with the emotionally distant Gordie Lachance as both lived in the shadow of their brothers and were treated as scapegoats for familial problems.

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