After Jamie Dornan Got Backlash For Fifty Shades Of Grey And Robert Pattinson Got It For Batman, The Irish Actor Shares His Own Honest Feelings


When movie buffs cannot picture specific actors taking on certain roles, they have no problems expressing their honest (and sometimes blunt) opinions. Well, Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan also has no issue sharing his in return. The Irish actor has, after all, received his fair share of backlash for playing Christian Grey. And his friend, Robert Pattinson, can relate to this, as there were plenty of people who were against him playing Bruce Wayne in The Batman. With this, Dornan shared honest feelings about the backlash both him and Pattinson have received.

Before Jamie Dornan signed on for Fifty Shades of Grey, he was actually living with Robert Pattinson and three other actors you may know- Fantastic Beasts’ Eddie Redmayne, Daredevil’s Charlie Cox, and The Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield. (Five British roommates trying to make it in Hollywood, that would make an interesting reality TV series!) Dornan still carers a great deal for his chums and spoke to Esquire about what a “disease” prejudgment can be, using Robert Pattinson’s Batman casting as an example:

Prejudgment is such a fucking disease. It’s a disease in all our culture. In my line of work, sure. But in general, people prejudge people based on fucking anything really, and it’s very sad. Look at the reaction when Rob got cast as Batman. It was like 90% negative.

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