After Internet Wonders If Josh Brolin Will Be In Dune 2, The Actor Clarifies The ‘Ridiculous’ Situation


One of the principal players in the epic sci-fi tale called Dune is Gurney Halleck, the weapons expert for House Atreides and one of Paul Atreides’ mentor. Halleck was played in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune adaptation by Josh Brolin, and when we left off with this version of the character, he was seen charging towards a group of Harkonnen soldiers during the assault on the Atriedes’ stronghold on Arrakis. Halleck’s fate was among the many loose ends left over by the latest Dune movie, but Brolin has now clarified the “ridiculous” situation regarding his involvement in Dune 2, a.k.a. Dune: Part Two, which is among the upcoming movies to look forward to in 2023.

While readers of the original Dune novel by Frank Herbert are obviously well aware of what happens to Gurney Halleck by the end of the story, those who’ve only seen Denis Villeneuve’s Dune were likely wondering what had happened to him when the movie was over. Well, no need to worry, as Josh Brolin informed Collider that he is indeed attached to Dune: Part Two, and even went the extra mile to make sure the public knows this. The actor explained:

I am a part of Dune: Part Two, to the ridiculous extent of when somebody mentioned to me that it wasn’t on IMDb, I actually went out of my way to call Liz (his publicist) and say, ‘Can you please put that on IMDb?’ Because it’s a proud moment for me, man.

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