After Ezra Miller’s Second Arrest, What’s Happening With Their Future In Fantastic Beasts And The Flash?


In the era of the internet and cancel culture, Hollywood celebrities have to be more careful about what they do and say off screen just as much as they do when they are acting on camera. Ezra Miller may be seeing this trend firsthand, because the Fantastic Beasts franchise actor and lead in DC’s upcoming The Flash film has landed themself in some legal troubles recently. After Miller was arrested for the second time in Hawaii, what could this mean for the future of their career with Warner Brothers.?

Although Warner Bros. has yet to make a statement concerning Ezra Miller’s latest arrest, it’s possible that the arrests won’t affect the Fantastic Beasts franchise or The Flash film. And Deadline has heard through the grapevine that the film production and distribution company “haven’t been sweating” the legal troubles and bad press that Miller has been receiving.

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