After A Mean Girls Fan Pointed Out An Illogical Spring Fling Line, One Actress Shared A+ Behind-The-Scenes Anecdote


It has been over 15 years since Tina Fey graced us with her screenwriting talent for the quotable and memorable Mean Girls. You may think you’re a fan of the hit high school comedy if you know every line of the movie, you celebrate Mean Girls Day annually on October 3rd, and incorporate “fetch” into your everyday vocabulary. But, have you noticed the flaw of this one line in the Spring Fling scene when Cady points out that Emma Gerber’s hairstyle must have taken hours? Well, one fan has. After one fan noted the illogicality of that one spring fling line, the Emma Gerber actress herself shares one behind-the-scenes anecdote from this moment. 

During the Spring Fling scene, Cady Heron’s Spring Fling Queen speech involved pointing out that “everyone looks like royalty” at the dance, including Emma Gerber whose hairstyle “must’ve taken hours.” On Twitter, one fan pointed out that they didn’t think that hairstyle took hours. The Mean Girls actress, Jan Caruana, shared how long her hair process really took.

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